*self portrait with a in camera double exposure on B&W film  

Chloé Félix is a Swiss-Australian photographer and community artist who is currently based in Switzerland.  At the heart of her work are people, portraits, and trees. She strives to explore dreamy spaces where reality blurs and endeavours to reflect how humanity imagines itself and transformes its environment

Chloé completed a Bachelor of Arts (Media Arts) from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (RMIT) on the unceded land of the Eastern Kulin Nation in Naarm, Australia. She had previously undertaken specialized studies in photography. She now freelances for NGOs, community groups, and cultural organizations

She is also passionate about her role as a community-engaged art and cultural outreach worker. She enjoys sharing her skills and passion through interactive lectures, workshops, and events, which  foster creativity and connection. She co-founded "Stories from Home and Here," a platform for community-based art projects, and has worked extensively with children, youth, and individuals with migration stories

She has been fortunate to receive awards and recognition for her photography and community projects (vfg nachwuchsförderpreis, Salut l’étranger,  Stiftung Mercator Schweiz...) has exhibited her work in solo and group shows (MBCA, Perla Mode, CIMA... ) and was selected to participate in artist residencies in Berlin, Varanasi, and Switzerland

Her upbringing across India, Nepal, Switzerland, and Australia profoundly influenced and shaped her identity and sense of belonging, which reflects in her work, personality and values

Chloé finds joy in a myriad of experiences: listening to stories under trees, having a good yarn around a fire, trekking in the mountains, swimming with luminous microorganisms, soaking in hot springs under dancing northern lights, stargazing in the desert, and celebrating the beauty of everyday moments and the intricacies of the small things ...

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